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Vancouver Island North

Year round adventures!

Port Hardy is rugged, rich and resillient. The town sits at the confluence of major water ways and on the brink of expansive forest. Port Hardy has the area's most beautiful local beaches, and is the departure point for Cape Scott and North Coast Trail adventures. Salmon fishing, fresh water angling, hiking, wilderness adventure and a world of authentic experiences exist here for those looking to step off the beaten track.


The Port Hardy area features some of British Columbia's best wildlife viewing.  From bears to birds and almost every marine mammal living in the Pacific Northwest, we have it all.  Learn more about this dynamic area; it's all accessible from Sockeye Cottages.


Trails are located minutes from Sockeye Cottages, from a wander through the Quatse River Estuary to an intense forest hike on the Tex Lyon trail or a brisk walk on the Commuter Trail to Storey's Beach, there are many local spots to explore.

Port Hardy is also the Gateway to the North Coast Trail, and access leading to Cape Scott Provincial Park is gained just minutes from town.


Charter boats work out of  Port Hardy throughout the summer - where better to fish than out of one of BC's most dynamic commercial fishing ports?


Trout and Steelhead lure freshwater anglers to this area year-round.


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